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Daily bloggings of a girl who is waiting for the future to start.....

16 November
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Her name is Christina but most people just call her Ina. You may also know her as Tigrit. Her age is 17 and she is a JR in highschool. She is in love with the most amazing guy in the world-Bruce. They have been together for 2 years and going. They plan to get married as soon as she graduates. She really can't wait to be Mrs. Collins. Afterwards she plans on having childen probably a year or possibly less after they marry. If all goes right she wants 1 boy and 1 girl named Naomi Isabell and Dalton Zachary. Her career plan is to be a stay at home mom because she believes they do just as much as any person in the working industry, if not more. It's also more rewarding that way. Enough about the future...what about the present? She is a big fan of country music. Her hobbies consist of scrapbooking,card making,and she is currently learning to knit. Her idol's are Martina Mcbride and Vickie Howell. She enjoys reading and sometimes even writing. Her most favorite past time of all though is cuddling with Bruce and watching a ton of movies. Why? Because she loves Bruce and movies! Her addictions are nothing unhealthy, just The Sims 2 and Babyz(the game)! ;D She know's alot of people are interested in beliefs and opinions so her's in a nutshell are Pro-Life,Anti-Bush,and Christian. Oh and no she doesn't constantly refer to herself in a third person narriative. ;D Did she mention she is obsessed with random things to add to her info???.............

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